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Buy a home in LA with Zero Down Payment

and up to $150,000 loan discount1

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0 down

Absolutely no money out of pocket. No down payment. Zero cost to you.


Subtract up to $150k from the sale price, that’s your mortgage loan amount.

1 min

Signing up is easy. Takes only 1 minute.2

How is this possible?

Buy your next home with part of the backyard pre-sold.

A real life example

$1,000,000 listing in Los Angeles, CA

Make an offer on a home


Loan Amount 3




You pre-sell backyard land 4

~1,500 SQFT

Closing Bonus

to turn the remaining backyard land into a dream outdoor space!


You buy the home of your dreams for less than asking price.

And we’ll help you find it.


Los Angeles

Application Deadline

April 15, 2024

or until funds run out

Funds will go fast.5

First come, first serve.

Reserve your spot today

How it works

After you close on your new home, we split off part of the yard into a separate and completely private lot.

Original Lot
Lot Split

Community is our Mission

We’re investing in you. Our mission is to help reduce the cost of homeownership while building new, beautiful housing in the communities we live in.

What we do in the backyard

Value Add

We build luxury, small homes that increase the value of all nearby homes.

Residential Only

No commercial buildings or business allowed. By us, or by CA law.

Long Term Rentals

Or owner-occupied. No vacation rentals allowed.

Privacy Fence

Minimum 6 foot fence installed on new lot line, making sure your yard is private.

Privacy Windows

Privacy glass paint can go on any windows facing your home & yard.

2 unit Maximum

No 3+ unit apartment buildings allowed. By us or by California law.

The time is now.
Go get your dream home.

First come, first serve.

Reserve your spot today